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Are you a tour operator/travel agency? Or are you a Museum? Would you like to create a tour for your audience?

A platform with full potential

Through our online authoring tool, it’s easy to build your experiences for all devices combining text, audio, video, 2D & 360 photos and maps for your selected points of interest or attractions.

What kind of tours can I create?

what kind of tours virtual

Virtual tours

Virtual Tours (Self-guided Virtual Experiences) are composed of audio narration and 360 photos. They enable the traveler to ‘stand’ in the monument and to digitally look towards any direction, giving them the feeling of actually being there.
Provide a remote visit experience to your audience, when it is unable to travel.

what kind of tours audio

Audio tours

Audio tours (Self-guided audio tours) provide your travelers the freedom to browse the attractions you have chosen for them through their smart mobile device. If you wish, you can gather anonymous statistics regarding your traveler's interaction with the tour in order to improve on their display.
Create a travel-friendly and expandable audio tour for your audience.

Why create a tour?

why create a tour a strong voice

A strong voice

Use your knowledge to promote what you love the most to an audience you would not be able to reach otherwise.

why create a tour earn money

Earn money

There is nothing better than resting in your armchair on a cold rainy day and watching your bank account getting fatter from the sales of your digital tour.

why create a tour go further

Go further

Become a member of a broader network of cultural institutions and tourist organizations and allow your creation to travel to the far end of the world.

why create a tour an eponymous tour

An eponymous tour

The author is the center of our world. With us, your tour is signed and the glory is all yours.

How do I earn money?

how to earn money mobile app

Sell your tour through Clio Muse app on Google Play and the App Store.

how to earn money ticket

Sell print and digital tickets yourself.

how to earn money network collaborator

Sell tickets to travellers through our network of collaborating travel companies around the world.

features simple powerful tool

A simple and powerful tool

The authoring tool for creating digital tours that we have developed does not require any specialized knowledge. It works just as easily from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. You just import content (text, image, audio, video), as if you are posting on social networks. The rest is taken care of by the platform.

features value

A value beyond any monetary reward

In addition to the extra income, the authors of digital tours have the privilege of being part of an ever-growing global community that supports its members. There are always opportunities to learn from Clio Muse and our authors because we all share a passion for unique stories about our city.

features copyright

Personal information and copyright

Your personal information as well as your tour idea will remain confidential and will not be published or used without your permission. Once your tour proposal is approved, we will sign a contract that will safeguard your tour copyright and will include a detailed analysis of how we will use your tour commercially, as well as the rates of revenue you will receive.

  • testimonial laura tapini

    Laura Tapini

    co-founder and Managing Director Diadrasis


    “The collaboration with Clio Muse came as a gift to our little NGO, which was at the time conducting a bottom-up research to define the landmarks of an urban area of Athens. With their application the results of our research ‘pithari’ gained a stronger digital voice and more people can discover the stories behind the landmarks! Finally we are delighted to collaborate with Clio Muse, as their constant updating and modernizing to the time’s new challenges is carrying us with them.”

  • testimonial maria sampatakaki

    Maria Sampatakaki

    co-founder of the historistai group and historian


    “Linking research work and the correlation of historical science with entrepreneurship is one of the key goals of the historistai group. Our collaboration with Clio Muse helped to achieve these goals. Our digital routes in Mani are a good example of how ‘theoretical’ history can be transformed into a high-quality ‘product’ by truly participating in the field of cultural tourism and upgrading the brand name of a place.”

Get ready to create your own unique digital tour.