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Bringing together her academic and professional background with her zest for culture and arts, Eva aspires to contribute towards establishing Clio Muse Tours as the best companion for travel and culture buffsand as a substantial tool for cultural organizations. 

Eva holds a BSc in Marketing & Communication, a MA in New Media & Digital Culture and a MA in Cultural Management and has been working in marketing and communication field since 2013. 

My blog posts

This year’s World Tourism Day invites us to Rethink Tourism towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future. Putting people and the planet first and bringing stakeholders together with local communities are the pillars on which this shift can happen.    The tourism industry has irreversibly changed after the pandemic. Digital media is here to stay, […]
European Heritage Days 2022 are here, and archaeological sites and museums around the world celebrate them with free or reduced admission and special events throughout the weekend. Clio Muse Tours celebrates this special occasion by offering you 20% off all our audio tours (get them now, enjoy at your pace). Enjoy the offer in 3 […]
Giorgos Chatzigeorgakidis always focuses on the experience; A frictionless experience for our users and a slow, authentic, and immersive travel experience for himself. Giorgos is an urban lover, music aficionado, and local flavors enthusiast, always with the most exciting Clio Muse stories on his headphones.   Follow his steps.   When and where did you […]
Summer is all around us, and we can’t stop daydreaming about our sunny getaways. This summer, sea or mountain, island or city, whatever you choose to wander in, explore it with a Clio Muse Tour! Eleni Chaviatzi, Junior Software Engineer, describes herself as a curious traveler who enjoys exploring a destination like a local. Let […]
It’s always a pleasure to share our experience and insights with an international audience, and it’s also great to be featured in stories about the most promising startups in Europe! Slovenian public television gave us this opportunity this time, and we are deeply grateful for it. On a warm day in late May, we welcomed […]
An early and intense heatwave has hit Europe, but nothing can stop us from traveling and exploring the world with Clio Muse Tours on our headphones!  Check and bookmark these fantastic beaches for a deep dive after your tour (have you checked part I?)   1. Limeni, Mani Mani, southern Peloponnese’s middle peninsula, brags a […]
Maria Fassoula is the Innovations Manager of our team’s Research & Innovation department, and her small talk is as inspirational as her work and personality. Enjoy!   When and where did you last travel? My last travel to Paris was just before the covid crisis, in December 2019. It was a business trip, but I […]
About a month ago, Tech Tour was in town; that is how this great accolade began!   On May 19 & 20, we had the chance to meet the best entrepreneurs from southeastern Europe (ta-da! we were among them) and present Clio Muse Tours to 65 funds from Europe and the Middle East that were […]
Nikos Zacharioudakis, Content Coordinator, describes himself as a super anxious, impatient, but also a “jester” travel companion. Enjoy his small talk and get your weekly dose of travel inspiration!   When and where did you last travel?   It was a very sunny day in Athens, back on January 31st, 2022… Nikos took the plane and […]
Pride Month is a time for all of us to feel proud of who we are and of our special offering to the world. June is also a great month to travel, always in pride, love, and a good companion.  Clio Muse Tours celebrates unconditional love and offers an extra 20% off on all #cliotravelbirds […]
June is ready to warm us up and inspire us for our summer break. With more than 450 tours in 21 countries (more coming soon, hold the line!), a Clio Muse Tour always stands by you, including the summer getaways. Discover some tremendous swim-after-tour spots (part II is on the way).   1. KAPE, Sounion […]
A few months ago, we partnered with diadrasis for the collaborative program “Digital Curator for a day” (DC4aday), designed for the “Nikos Kazantzakis Museum” in Heraklion, Crete. Addressed to local youngsters, the program aspired to familiarize the young generation with and urge them participate in the promotion of contemporary art through the use of digital […]