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Bringing together her academic and professional background with her zest for culture and arts, Eva aspires to contribute towards establishing Clio Muse Tours as the best companion for travel and culture buffs and as an essential tool for cultural organizations.

Eva holds a BSc in Marketing & Communication, a MA in New Media & Digital Culture, and a MA in Cultural Management. She has been working in the marketing and communication field since 2013.


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For good reason, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. With its picturesque canals, world-class museums, and vibrant nightlife, the city has something to offer everyone. But if you want to avoid the tourist traps and experience Amsterdam calmly, here are ten must-do activities:    1. Explore the canal belt: Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed canal […]
Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide in honor of Saint Valentine; however, who is this mysterious saint, and why is the celebration honored with such enthusiasm? Although the truth is unclear, there are a few stories about it! Valentine is claimed to have been a priest who lived in Rome around the third century. When Emperor […]
The luckiest number in Chinese culture, the “little holy number” in Pythagorean numerology, the infinity symbol rotated, and the number of candles in our birthday cake!  This October, we turn 8, and we want to celebrate it with you!  Wish us a happy 8th, and get all our audio tours 50% off from today till […]
Summer 2022 was amazing. We smashed our traveler’s record, welcomed new team members, updated our portfolio with fresh tours and destinations, and gained some great insights toward sustainable growth. Thank you, Greek Travel Pages, for featuring our key takeaways. Greece is in the spotlight. From June until the end of August, 56,000 travelers explored Greece […]
European Heritage Days 2022 are here, and archaeological sites and museums around the world celebrate them with free or reduced admission and special events throughout the weekend. Clio Muse Tours celebrates this special occasion by offering you 20% off all our audio tours (get them now, enjoy at your pace). Enjoy the offer in 3 […]
It’s always a pleasure to share our experience and insights with an international audience, and it’s also great to be featured in stories about the most promising startups in Europe! Slovenian public television gave us this opportunity this time, and we are deeply grateful for it. On a warm day in late May, we welcomed […]
When in Athens, do not miss the New Blue issue of Ready2BOARD, the official magazine of Athens International Airport, “Eleftherios Venizelos,” under the title PHILOXENIA. Thank you so much 2Board for featuring Clio Muse Tours in this magnificent issue. Until you get on board this summer, check what I shared about my sense of hospitality […]
An early and intense heatwave has hit Europe, but nothing can stop us from traveling and exploring the world with Clio Muse Tours on our headphones!  Check and bookmark these fantastic beaches for a deep dive after your tour (have you checked part I?)   1. Limeni, Mani Mani, southern Peloponnese’s middle peninsula, brags a […]
Pride Month is a time for all of us to feel proud of who we are and of our special offering to the world. June is also a great month to travel, always in pride, love, and a good companion.  Clio Muse Tours celebrates unconditional love and offers an extra 20% off on all #cliotravelbirds […]
June is ready to warm us up and inspire us for our summer break. With more than 450 tours in 21 countries (more coming soon, hold the line!), a Clio Muse Tour always stands by you, including the summer getaways. Discover some tremendous swim-after-tour spots (part II is on the way).   1. KAPE, Sounion […]
For 2022, we decided to honor and celebrate the International Museum Day (as it should) for a full week, offering all our museum and archaeological sites-related audio tours at 20% off!  From the Acropolis Museum to the Vatican, and the Roman Forum and many more, get the chance to discover some of the most important […]
After three years of restrictions, canceled or postponed events, and festivities worldwide, we are (almost) back to normal! Hybrid and offline celebrations might be the new thing, but physical interaction are definitely our thing.  Today, April 27, the Dutch celebrate King’s Day and are ready to be dressed in orange (see more below) and kick […]