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Blog - Turkey

Hagia Sophia’s Journey Through Time

Located in Istanbul since 537 AD, Hagia Sophia has been bearing witness to the city’s rich and diverse history for over 1400 years. The building’s impressive Byzantine architecture and fascinating interior where marble pillars and gold mosaics adorn the halls, showcase the wealth and power of Byzantine emperors and Ottomans. Discover Hagia Sophia’s turbulent history […]

7 Facts about the Ancient City and Tale of Troy

The esteemed war for control of the city of Troy between the Trojans and the Greeks was a true epic. It is believed by some to be naught more than a fiction like the mythology it centers around, while others believe the war and its heroes actually happened and existed.  The 19th century proved the […]

30% discount: 10 tours you should buy now!

Having guided 28.000 travelers during 2019, we decided to begin 2020 on the most positive note possible, giving to all of you a 30% discount on our tours, as a thank you for your support. Choosing just a couple of tours could be really difficult, especially when their content is so different and includes various […]

Topkapi Palace: the political center of the Ottoman Empire

Topkapi Palace is the largest and oldest palace in the world to survive to this day and the depository of many treasures. Among them, one of the biggest diamonds in the world, the most sacred relics of Islam, a map with the first depiction of America, excellent quality Chinese porcelain, rare Islamic gilded miniatures and […]

Hagia Sophia, the World-Famous Museum

In 324 the emperor Constantine the Great (r. 324-337) transferred the capital of the Roman empire from Rome to the East, to the ancient Greek colony of the city of Megara, Byzantium, where he decided to establish the new Rome, which took the name of Constantinople and legalized Christianity. On direct order of Constantine, was […]

Ephesus: the Pearl of Anatolia

Among the numerous cities that were founded by the Ionian Greeks on the western coast of Asia Minor, Ephesus is the best-preserved one. This ancient city has fascinated the archaeologists, travelers, and tourists for a long time, and for a multitude of reasons: its history, architecture, cultural legacy, and last but not least, the religious […]