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Clio Muse Tours on the Largest Online Travel Agencies

Today, Clio Muse Tours has an established network of partners including the world’s largest online travel agencies. Our products are sold via GetYourGuide, Viator, TripAdvisor and Booking.com and we recently kicked off a partnership with Headout. Moreover, we are collaborating with KLOOK, TUI, Musement, Expedia and Lonely Planet. Coming this far wasn’t easy and it […]

An introduction to Clio Muse Tours’ Design Department

Clio Muse Tours’ team Clio Muse Tours is a portable storyteller. Our team consists of historians, travel guides, programmers and graphic designers. Each one of them plays a significant role in creating appealing tour experiences for landmarks in 5 countries. We envision to create a global platform that will give travelers access to culture, utilizing […]

5 Reasons to Experience Clio Muse Virtual Tour in Rome

Why take a virtual trip in Rome? Have you ever wanted to visit Rome, but could not travel here? When circumstances do not allow you to take the trip of your dreams, you can always use technology and travel anywhere from the comfort of your living room. Take an immersive virtual tour through Rome and […]

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Planning a Trip to Italy

Most of the time, people merely follow other tourists and copy the itinerary that many of them adopt. Multiple destinations in the world like Australia, Dubai, Greece, Philippines, and Thailand, are so popular that people visit them following the crowd. That’s where one can commit the biggest mistake. They just hit the famous places, eat […]

Visit Knossos: Facts and Tips to know ahead

Crete is famous for its beaches (yes, as I am writing these words, I am dreaming of being in a sandy Cretan beach under a palm tree looking at the sea and reading my book), for its food and delicacies (I’ll come back to this at another blog post), for locals’ hospitality and last but […]

Clio Muse Tours for Museums and Culture Institutions

How Clio Muse Tours drives innovation for Museums and Culture Institutions At Clio Muse Tours we always keep an eye on the future: we follow the latest trends on technologies and we pay close attention to the developments in the culture and creative industries. Our aim has always been to generate universal cultural awareness hand […]

The Ancient Agora of Athens: All you need to know

As you stroll around Athens, you’ll easily realize that there is so much to see and admire. And what you should definitely not miss is a visit to the Ancient Agora of Athens, the center of the antique city and the birthplace of Democracy. Located in a vivid and picturesque neighborhood, full of restaurants, cafés […]

Travel to Greece this summer: What you need to know

After a two-months lockdown, life in Greece gradually returns to normal and with the summer around the corner, many people wonder if traveling to Greece is permitted. The short answer is yes. For a more detailed update regarding visiting Greece this summer during the post-lockdown era, scroll down the page. This summer might feel different […]

Travel from home: 11 virtual tour experiences you can’t miss

Seville Cathedral in Spain, The Doge’s Palace in Italy, The Red Light District in Amsterdam and Plaka’s streets in Athens come alive to your screen through captivating images and intriguing stories narrated by selected authors. Take a sneak peek at these 11 self-guided virtual experiences and get ready for a fascinating trip full of mysterious […]

7 reasons why Clio Muse Virtual Tour Experiences are better than any other virtual tour

After successfully completing 250 tours for exhibitions, city walks and cultural events in Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands, and the US, serving 50,000 travelers in 2019 and seeing the company’s revenue increase by tenfold, Clio Muse Tours recently launched 23 self-guided virtual tour experiences to attractions in five countries around the world. Why […]