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Our services

Bring your collections alive and attract a worldwide audience

A message for museums & cultural institutions

Clio Muse Tours came to life in 2014 with the vision to generate universal cultural awareness and guide people in every part of the world, utilizing pioneering technology. Nowadays, we have created over 250 top-selling audio and skip-the-line tours as well as virtual tour experiences for both indoor and outdoor attractions in Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands.

We are a VC-funded IT company with a strong focus on tourism and the cultural sector. Our multi-faceted identity has enabled us to work together with the world’s largest online travel agencies and cooperate with leading cultural institutions in Greece and abroad in order to create top-rated cultural tourism experiences.

Our acquired knowledge and experience, as well as the strong network of partners we have built after years of collaboration with the leaders of the tourism industry, are fundamental assets in supporting cultural institutions to overcome the challenges of our times.

We use the power of technology to bring the world’s cultural heritage to the foreground of the global tourism industry.

Audio tours

Audio tours have transformed the way the public interacts with museums’ collections and have wide appeal to modern-day travelers. Clio Muse Audio Tours offer visitors a narrative to follow which will guide them through a museum’s halls and exhibition rooms unraveling the stories that make each displayed object unique

** No extra equipment is needed from the museum and the content can be easily updated by you

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Virtual tours

By combining our award-winning narrations with  360° photos we offer visitors the opportunity to discover landmarks and artworks from home while at the same time learn historical facts and information. Users can choose to stay on our designated tour path or follow their own virtual route based on their interests

** No extra equipment is needed from the museum and the content can be easily updated by you

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Web & mobile apps

We create personalized web pages and smartphone apps for your museum and your exhibitions. Our expertise and specialization in developing technologies for the promotion of cultural content guarantee an impeccable result tailored to your needs

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Interactive touch screen

We follow the social and technological developments of our times to help museums develop in order to maintain relevance and innovation. Boost your museum’s appeal by presenting your exhibits through an interactive screen and offer travelers a unique visit that is worth to remember

Any internet-enabled touch screen is compatible

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Interactive map

Interactive maps enable you to present collections that span a wider geographical area and they can be used for presenting your collection’s origin. You can embed the interactive maps in the museum’s web page or on interactive screens

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Authoring tool

With our authoring tool, Clio Muse Create, exhibitions’ curators are able to create or edit their tours in real-time whether they are virtual or audio, displayed on web or mobile app or are part of interactive maps on screens

** No technical skills are required since the platform provides all the necessary guidance

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User interaction statistics

Find out what captivated your visitors’ interest during their digital tour and understand your audience better. This service will enable you to further improve your tours and acquire valuable statistics for your sponsors. All gathered data are anonymous and GDPR compliant

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Educational quiz game

Educational Quiz Game is a multiple-choice quiz that can be integrated into any of our existing audio and virtual tours. A fun and at the same time educational feature that has significant commercial potential and can be used to help authors understand what captivated users’ interest.

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Our numbers

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How we do it

Clio Muse Tours’ team consists of historians, archaeologists and researchers, software and computer engineers, marketing and finance specialists, authors and copywriters. Even though each one of us comes from different backgrounds and specializes in different fields, our shared passion for culture and tourism, motivates us to join forces for delivering high-quality results and staying true to our commitments.


Why we stand out

An optimal visitor experience

We treat every project as a unique product that appeals to the respective target audience while at the same time captures every individual’s interest adding value to the travel experience. Our strength to always create an optimal visitor experience lies in our ability to combine high-end technology with verified content.

Sustainable & scalable technologies

Our versatile technologies are sustainable and scalable allowing us to expand them with new features and adjust them to the needs of each individual cultural institution. Based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we develop technology solutions that are not only up-to-date but most importantly cost-effective for our clients.

Innovative perspective

We bring history to modern times by crafting stories and historical facts into immersive, inspiring narrations that can captivate travelers of all backgrounds. Both our audio tours and virtual tour experiences span a wide range of themes and styles for both indoor and outdoor attractions.

A global distribution network

We stay updated with the tourism industry’s latest trends and we have built a strong network of collaborators that we never cease expanding. We are always on the lookout for new and challenging opportunities that will help us bring our vision to life.