Clio Muse is the internationally awarded Software-as-a-Service to publish and sell digital themed cultural tours. It is comprised of our online authoring tool Clio Muse CREATE and our tour-guide app Clio Muse. Accredited tour guides and professionals of the Culture and Tourism sector create their tour on Clio Muse CREATE and publish it in Clio Muse APP. Then, visitors and travelers launch Clio Muse APP and enjoy multiple tours in the city, in museums or other exhibition spaces.

Since launching in February 2014, we have successfully hosted and curated more than 70 tours for exhibitions, city walks and cultural events in Greece, Italy, Austria, the US and soon in Brazil. Our partnerships include the Athens International Airport, Salone dell’Arte e del Restauro di Firenze, Athens Biennale, Art-Athina, Municipality of Athens, Athens City Museum, American School of Classical Studies, Embassies (Netherlands, Germany, USA), National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation and we have earned 10 distinctions – awards globally for the dissemination of cultural content and our business model.

Clio Muse APP is available for Android and iOS devices in English, Greek, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

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