The August full moon, the most beautiful full moon of the year, is a unique event in Greece. This day, music and dancing events, tours and original events take place throughout Athens at archaeological sites, museums, and art venues. It is a unique opportunity to visit them as it is one of the few days with free entry!

“In the archaeological sites, you can feel the magic sitting at the same spot where the ancient Greeks admired the sky thousands of years ago.”

On August 26th, therefore, Athens will turn into a dreamy city under the moonlight. Do not lose it! We gathered its best spots and we present them to you.

1. Acropolis Museum “The full moon of August highlights Greek cinema”

Under the August moon, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Athens will take the Athenian audience and the visitors of the city to the world of Greek cinema. The concert will be free to the public and will take place in the courtyard of the Acropolis Museum. Sunday, August 26 at 21:00. On this day, the museum will be open from 08:00 until midnight and the entrance to the exhibition space will be free from 20:00.

Acropolis Full Moon

2. National Archaeological Museum – “Moon Stories”

On Sunday, August 26, on the day of the full moon, the museum will be open from 20:00 until 24:00. There will be recitations by archaeologists, as well as discussions with the public at permanent and periodical exhibitions, with the theme of the “countless aspects of beauty”. In addition, there will be a theater reading by students of the drama school “Delos” in the atrium. Last but not least, a musical event in the atrium of the museum, in cooperation with the Greek guitarists’ club. The exhibition halls will be open until 23:45.

Archaelogical Museum of Athens

3. The garden of the Numismatic Museum “La Luna”

Guests can enjoy the music event “La Luna”, which will take the audience on enchanting musical trails, with Marián Georgiou and Adam Tsarouchis on the keys, orchestration: Elias Argyropoulos, saxophone: Dimitris Karagiannis. Start Time 21:00.

Numismatic Museum of Athens

4. National Observatory of Athens “With the moon as our guide”

A walk and a tour of the 3 hills of Athens under the summer moon: Nymphs, Pnyx, Philopappou, and ending at the Observatory. A unique experience awaits you, observing the Attic sky through a telescope! Saturday August 25 & Sunday August 26, 19:30 – 22:00. The cost of the tour is 10 € per person, and the admission to the Observatory is 5€.

National Observatory of Athens

5. Anafiotika “Full moon in Anafiotika”

The most beautiful neighborhood of the city is magical anyway, let alone under the light of the August full moon. A guided tour under the full moon, 19:00 – 21:00, for a journey to the unknown stories of the oldest district of Athens and the romance of a different era. The cost of the tour is 10€ per person.

Anafiotika Athens

6. The archeological site of Sounion “August full moon in Sounion”

With background, the temple of Poseidon in Sounion, and the full moon to magically illuminate the unique setting, composer Giorgos Andreou will play a concert on Sunday, August 26, with free admission. His guest will be Yiannis Kotsiras and Corina Legaki will sing with them. Start Time 21:00.

Sounion Full Moon

The August Full Moon will turn the Attic sky into a magnificent landscape that will be unforgettable no matter where you choose to experience it! Beautiful music, even more, beautiful images and a sense of romance and nostalgia will mark your night under the moonlight!